Dremenia Profi-Line

With the Dremenia Profi Line we produce pressure chamber systems systems for professional use in high-quality and luxurious design.

Premium pressure chamber for professional and commercial use

Alternative practitioners, research institutions and hospitals are already successfully operating our Profi-Line series.

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For professional and stationary use

Our long-term experience and test results make us the number 1 contact and competence centre for hyperbaric oxygen applications for professional, commercial and private use.

Result   Since the company was founded,
we have had not a single failure of our systems.

Our microprocessor-controlled system allows us to adjust the chamber pressure, the treatment time and therapy parameters
 control and monitor via touchscreen or remote control.
 This also allows treatment parameters to be recorded for patient-specific logging and statistics.


Profi-Line systems offer maximum comfort thanks to the large panoramic windows in the sliding door. The chamber interior is lined with high-quality quilted synthetic fibre material with an antibacterial effect. The person in the chamber can also communicate with persons outside the intercom system to communicate with people outside the chamber.
The person in the chamber can also communicate with people outside the chamber via an intercom (optional).

Sport Centers

We also rely on our Dremenia Profi-Line series in sports centres. Especially for many applications per day, we recommend the use of our stationary chambers.

Technical data

Version 1 Version 2
Operating pressure 1,3 bis 1,5 Bar 1,3 bis 2.0 Bar
Length 2160mm 2306mm
Diameter 760mm oder 900mm 906mm (Höhe mit Fahrgestell 985mm)
Weight 95KG 260KG
Material Aluminium with special coating Stahl Q345R mit PC/PE überzogen
Pressure Control Valves 2 units, automatic control 2 units, automatic control
Emergency valves 2 2
Equipment Hygieneauflage Hygieneauflage
optional mit eingebautem TV-Monitor (Schwenkarm) und Gegensprechanlage mit eingebautem TV-Monitor (Schwenkarm) und Gegensprechanlage
Compressor Luftstrom von 75l/min Luftstrom von 120l/min
Noise level <55dB <65dB
Dimensions Supply unit 481mmx439mmx780mm 481mmx439mmx780mm
Air Conditioning Leistung: 150l/min Optional auch als 3 in 1 Gerät mit aktiver Kühlung per Kältemittel für eine Klimatisierung der Druckkammer Leistung: 150l/min Optional auch als 3 in 1 Gerät mit aktiver Kühlung per Kältemittel für eine Klimatisierung der Druckkammer
Weight of concentrator 48KG 98KG
Oxygen concentrator 1-10l/min regelbar bei bis zu 96% Sauerstoffsättigung

Optional auch 20l/min als Upgrade für den high-performance Bereich

20l/min regelbar bei bis zu 96% Sauerstoffsättigung


As a German company we offer complete service around the chamber. This includes a 2 year full warranty and, in addition, warranty extensions and maintenance contracts are possible. We also offer training, instructions, maintenance guides and installation service and relocation services.

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Highest quality, professional use

Pressure chamber systems for hyperbaric oxygenation consisting of specially developed, high-quality medical components certified according to ISO9001, ISO13485;
TÜV and EMC test as well as CE


Due to the costs of HBOT in Germany ranging from 250-350€ per session, a quick amortization is possible. If you need assistance with a pricing model, please contact us! We will be happy to create a detailed concept for you.

Easy to use

User-friendly assembly All parts are modular. No special tools are required.


All our pressure chambers are rigorously tested and have double safety pressure regulating valves and a manual emergency valve.

Our set consists of:

1. professional stationary pressure chamber optionally with 1.5 to 2.0 bar

2. supply unit with 16" touch screen, microprocessor controlled, with monitoring and automatic regulation

3. special oil-free air compressor, which generates the operating pressure

4. Oxygen concentrator with French double membrane (Dupont PSA molecular sieve) with long life and high oxygen saturation in continuous operation up to 96% at 10l/min

5. starter mask set from German manufacturer, stiril packed

6. air cooler to regulate the temperature in the chamber

7. 2 years warranty and full support

8. Operating instructions

Our Service:

  • Training, delivery and installation with on-site instruction and service
  • Supply unit with touch-screen operation for professional use
  • Warranty extensions

Operation of several pressure chambers through central supply unit

Advantages for central oxygen concentrators

For hospitals and pressure chamber centres or for the use of several pressure chambers in one building, we offer central supply systems for feeding the air pressure for the operation of the pressure chambers as well as oxygen concentrators up to 825 litres per minute. Installation and testing is carried out by us on site. We calculate your exact requirements and customise all components and supply lines for you.

Simple operation

Low operating costs

Thermal sterilisation

Environmentally friendly

Safe and clean oxygen

Intelligent control system

Oil-free air compressor and 4-stage air filters

Noise reduction during the operation of pressure chambers.

Oxygen is obtained from the ambient air. No need to replace oxygen cylinders!

Small footprint means little installation space and low transport costs.

The system is completely pre-assembled as a plug-and-play solution, automatic and unattended operation, no professional technical staff required for operation and maintenance.

The oxygen production process is a purely physical oxygen separation process that contains no chemicals and produces no pollutant emissions.

The Siemens PLC control system and SANY's cloud root control system offer powerful oxygen management features: one-button stop and start, alarm system, automatic fail-safe shutdown mode and real-time online monitoring and analysis. The intelligent control system significantly saves labour costs for oxygen management.