Dremenia Easy Access

Enjoy HBOT barrier-free

Due to physical limitations caused by illnesses or reduced mobility in old age, it is sometimes difficult for us to get up from a lying position. These circumstances can make the use of  a lying hyperbaric oxygen chamber difficult or impossible.

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HBOT despite wheelchair

The solution for people with limitations

With the Dremenia Easy Access, we present an innovative chamber type specifically designed to create a barrier-free environment for people with limited mobility. This special chamber not only allows access to mobile hyperbaric oxygen therapy but also stands out by enabling participation for people in wheelchairs.

Prefer sitting instead of lying

Children also benefit from the Dremenia Easy Access. For example, they can undergo HBOT sessions with a parent or caregiver. This is particularly comforting (even for those with claustrophobia) in combination with the generous space available.

Technical data

Technical data
Operating pressure 1,3 oder 1,5 Bar
Length 1400mm
Width 1600mm
Height 1170mm
Weight 27KG
Material Extra strong thermoplastic urethane
Pressure Control Valves 2 units, automatic control
Emergency valves 1
Equipment Adjustable comfort chair with fold-out footrest
Support frame/Entry aid External or internal, easy to install Made of stainless steel
Compressor Air flow of 70l/min
Noise level <55db
Dimensions Supply unit 365mm x 375mm x 600mm
Air Conditioning Power: 150l/min Cooling up to 15°C below room temperature
Weight of concentrator 29KG
Oxygen concentrator 1-10l/min adjustable up to 96% Oxygen saturation even under full load
  • Our set consists of:
  • 1. TPU chamber cover with 4 large viewing windows against claustrophobia
  • 2. High-quality stainless steel frame\
  • 3. Medical oil-free air compressor that generates operating pressure
  • 4. Oxygen concentrator with French double membrane (Dupont PSA molecular sieve) with long life and high oxygen saturation in continuous operation up to 96% at 10l/min
  • 5. Starter mask set from German manufacturer, sterile packaged
  • 6. Air cooler to regulate the temperature in the chamber
  • 7. High-quality adjustable comfort reclining chair
  • 8. Operating instructions

Mobile despite size

The Dremenia Easy Access is mobile despite its enormous dimensions. It can be transported or taken on trips if needed.

Even people without physical impairments enjoy the ability to sit during HBOT sessions. Our adjustable comfort recliner allows for upright comfortable seating or a semi-reclined position.

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Easy to transport

The lightest and easiest to transport HBOT chambers on the market.

Easy to install

Anyone can set them up and take them down. All parts are modular. No special tools are required.

Easy to use

The chamber can be operated without external assistance; all external controls are also available inside.


All our chambers are rigorously tested and feature double-secured pressure control valves as well as a manual emergency valve.

 Additionally, you will receive free comprehensive telephone support from our trained staff

Our Service:

-Training, delivery and installation with on-site instruction and service

Supply unit with touchscreen operation for professional use

Warranty extensions

Customization possible. Contact us!