Dremenia HBOT Modularsysteme PLM

With our Dremenia Profiline modular systems, we offer high-quality pressure chamber systems, specifically designed for professional use and distinguished by first-class craftsmanship and luxurious design.

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Dremenia Modular systems



Already proven in professional and commercial environments, our premium pressure chambers are used in fitness studios, cold chamber centers, and research institutions. Extensive experience and positive test results have established us as the leading point of contact and competence center for hyperbaric oxygen applications, both in business and private contexts.

Our Dremenia modular systems are also used in sports centers. Especially with a large number of applications per day, we recommend the use of our stationary chambers.

An outstanding unique selling point of our modular systems is the unparalleled comfort offered by the elegant door and the comfortable, adjustable seats. The interior of the chamber is lined with high-quality, antibacterial material in quilted or smooth finish, meeting the highest hygiene standards. The integrated intercom allows seamless communication between the person in the chamber and the external environment.

Our state-of-the-art chamber systems are characterized by their modular construction, meaning they can be easily expanded. This flexibility allows up to twelve oxygen masks to be connected simultaneously and permits effortless adjustment and expansion of the chamber configuration. These modular systems not only offer advanced technology and adaptability but also the ability to use hyperbaric oxygen therapy efficiently and individually.

Our hyperbaric oxygen chamber systems offer a wide range of configuration options to enable customization according to the needs of our customers. The options include:

The options include:

1. Lighting options:

  • Option 1: LED ceiling light, cool white. Power supply and switching via the supply unit.
  • Option 2: Indirect adjustable LED lighting with remote control for various designs. White and RGB colors as well as adjustable brightness. Ceiling-mounted with aluminum trim.

2. Wall design:

  • The exterior walls can be covered, either in a single color or with digital printing.

3. Interior lining:

  • Smooth or quilted, with a wide selection of colors to suit personal preferences.

4. Chairs and interior furnishings:

  • The chairs and all interior furnishings can be designed in custom colors.

In addition to these basic options, we also offer the possibility to equip the hyperbaric oxygen chamber with various technological features to further customize the experience.

These include:

  • TV entertainment systems for relaxed entertainment during the treatment.
  • A high-quality sound system for a pleasant sound atmosphere.
  • Integration of a tablet for personalized content and entertainment.
  • The option to install sports equipment such as a rowing machine or a spinning bike to enable an active therapy session.

These diverse configuration options allow our customers to design their hyperbaric oxygen therapy environment exactly according to their wishes, creating an individual and comfortable experience.

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Technical data

PLM 151 PLM 152
Number of People 1 2
Operating pressure 1,5 Bar 1,5 Bar
Length 2000mm 2000mm
Width 780 – 1200mm 1700mm
Height 1800 – 1900mm 1800 – 1900mm
Door Size 1370x470mm 1500x650mm
Weight 720KG 840KG
Material Steel with special coating Steel with special coating
Pressure Control Valves 2 units, automatic control 2 units, automatic control
Hand valve 1 1
Equipment Adjustable comfort chair with fold-out footrest Adjustable comfort chair with fold-out footrest
Gegensprechanlage Gegensprechanlage
Compressor Airflow from 70-120l / min Airflow from 70-240l / min
Noise level <55db <55db
Number of supply units 1 2
Dimensions Supply unit 600mm x 600mm x 1000mm 600mm x 600mm x 1000mm
Air conditioning Split Air conditioner Split Air conditioner
Power 2500W Power 2500W
Energy efficiency class A++ Energy efficiency class A++
Indoor unit sound pressure level 19dBA Indoor unit sound pressure level 19dBA
Refrigirant type R32 Refrigirant type R32
Supply unit Supply Unit with Touchscreen Control for Professional Use
Oxygen concentrator Outlet pressure: 58,6 kPa
Maximum Flow: 15 LPM
Electrical Design: 220-230 V~, 50 Hz, 1,55 Amp | 230 V~, 60 Hz, 1,9 Amp
Operating Voltage Range: 187-253 V~, 50 Hz | 195-253 V~, 60 Hz
Oxygen Concentration: 1-15 LPM=93%±3%
Operating Altitude (tested exclusively at 21˚ C) 0-1500 m (0-4921 ft): Throughout the entire voltage range: No power loss
Operating Environment* 1500-4000 m (4921-13123 ft): Tested only at 230V/50Hz: No performance drop
Operating environment 5˚C to 35˚C, humidity range 10% to 95%: No performance drop across the operating voltage range
Power Consumption: 230V / 50 Hz - 612 Watts Avg., 230V / 50 Hz - 596 Watts at 12 l/min and below
Weight: Combined 60KG
Sound Level (ISO 8359:1996): < 55 dBA (50Hz)
Operating System: Time/Pressure Swing
Pressure Relief Valve: 276 kPa±34.5 kPa
Equipment Class and Type: Class II, double insulated equipment
Type B Applied Part Normal Part, IPX0
Approval organization and safety standard: TÜV-approved for 50 Hz to:
EMC-Erfüllung: EN60601-1-2
NOTE: The OSD performance at 5ºC to 40ºC, 95% relative humidity, tested in the voltage range at 670m.
Compressor Systems Total power per unit: 900 W
Operating Voltage: AV220V/AV110V
Airflow: ≥70 L/min A
Outlet Pressure: 0.15 MPa
Noise Level: ≤60 dB
Net Weight: 60 kg (combined, per unit)
Compressor Type: Oil-free/Piston Compressor
Entertainment Systems Possible options:
TV entertainment systems
Sound system
-Sports equipment e.g., rowing machine, spinning bike
Lighting System Option 1: LED ceiling light, cool-white. Power supply and switching via supply unit
Option 2: Indirect adjustable LED lighting with remote control for various white and RGB colors as well as adjustable brightness
Covered with aluminum strips all around the ceiling
Equipment Options Exterior walls can be foiled in single color or digital print
Interior lining smooth or quilted with color choice
Chairs and interior design according to desired color

Additionally, you will receive free comprehensive telephone support from our trained staff

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Highest quality, professional use

Pressure chamber systems for hyperbaric oxygenation consisting of specially developed, high-quality medical components certified according to ISO9001, ISO13485;
TÜV and EMC test as well as CE


Due to the costs of HBOT in Germany ranging from 250-350€ per session, a quick amortization is possible. If you need assistance with a pricing model, please contact us! We will be happy to create a detailed concept for you.

Easy to use

User-friendly installation All parts are modular. No special tools are required.


All our chambers are rigorously tested and feature double-secured pressure control valves as well as a manual emergency valve.

Customization possible. Contact us!