Dremenia – oxygen is the power

We stand behind hyperbaric oxygen technology. We want to support you in leading a healthy lifestyle that combines sports, wellness and beauty strategies to enjoy a safer quality of life for longer. Our most important demands include the health of people and the satisfaction of our customers and users, as well as the well-being of our employees and the creation of flexible, tailor-made solutions in the field of oxygen technology. We serve as a contact point and competence centre for advice on all aspects of HBO and systems for oxygen concentration in the scientific, commercial and technical sectors. We also maintain business relationships with our suppliers on an equal footing in order to always be able to act in a customer-oriented manner. In this way, we create the best solutions for you, combined with the most innovative technology at the most cost-efficient prices possible, in order to make HBO accessible to as many people as possible for home users. In doing so, we are at your side with the highest level of competence and always accompany you with any questions that may arise. In addition, we rely a lot on new research results from current studies and continuously add to our knowledge, from which you benefit through updates and training by us.

Competence through experience and innovation

Wir als Unternehmen Dremenia befassen uns seit der Ersten Stunde mit dem Thema Sauerstofftechnik. Durch unsere Forschung und deutsche Entwicklung im Bereich der Sauerstoffkonzentratoren ist es uns gelungen, die hyperbaren Sauerstoffanwendungen effizienter und wirkungsvoller als je zuvor zu gestalten. Durch die Fusionierung mit dem Münchener Medizintechnik-Unternehmen Rewire medtech GmbH und insbesondere die Zusammenarbeit mit Franziska Frank als dipl. Ing. für Medizintechnik konnten wir Synergien vereinen, welche einzigartige Innovationen im Bereich hyperbar-Medizintechnik sowie Sauerstofftechnik hervorbrachte. Wir bieten neben komplett-Sets zum sofortigen Einstieg in die Welt des hyperbaren Sauerstoffs auch von Anfang bis Ende durchgeplante Konzepte für den professionellen Einsatz von Druckkammern in Praxen, Studios und Wellness-Zentren an, entwickeln maßgeschneiderte Lösungen mit modernstem Design und neuster Technik.

Dremenia Team

We are international

Dremenia oxygen concentrators are used worldwide in hospitals, oxygen centres (pressure chamber centres and oxygen spas) and government-related organisations or humanitarian aid organisations for crisis management and for the fast and efficient permanent supply of oxygen. Here we convince with comprehensive and custom-fit solutions as well as complete handling of all processes starting with consultation, delivery and installation up to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Talk to us. Convince yourself!